How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster, Longer And Stronger beaufox hair

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster, Longer And Stronger

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster, Longer And Stronger

Your hair is like a plant, it’s a living and breathing part of your body. Therefore, the more that you care for your hair and feed it with vitamins, the better the chance that your hair will grow faster and longer and even in time more-healthier.

Healthy hair will grow faster than unhealthy, damaged hair and by following these 10 steps you can make your hair grow faster. But keep in mind, that there is a certain maximum hair growth per year in the human body that even by using the best of treatments will not make a difference. An average person’s hair grows an average of ½ inch a month. Follow these steps to make your hair grow faster and longer:



  • Avoid using extremely hot water, hair dryer and/or hair styler:


    Heat can damage your hair whether its hot water or hot air or its extremely hot/cold air, water and weather conditions, can damage your hair. Wash your hair with warm water instead of extremely hot water.


  • Overall health, life style and eating habits play a major role in having healthy hair:


    Your overall health and life style will affect your hair growth rate and health of your hair. You need to get enough sleep every day. The amount of sleep depends on the person. There is not any specific amount of hours of sleep required for one person in general. The amount can vary depending on age, body type as well as other factors. Eat healthy, cut back fast food, fried food, packaged food and increase the amount of vitamins, fruits and vegetables. Exercise more, any cardio exercise will increase the blood flow in your body which will help your scalp to get more oxygen and help your hair grow faster.



  • Trim and cut hair regularly:


    Getting a trim will help to remove split, thin, and dry ends. Again, since your hair is like a plant you need keep the hair folical healthy so that it’s not working overtime. Since the hair grows from the scalp where your hair folical is located, by trimming the dead ends off of your hair your hair folical is working less to repair split, dead ends. Therefore, it will help to make your hair grow faster,longer and healthier. Due to the fact that your hair is not working overtime to repair dead split ends.



  • Take a daily vitamin:


    Biotin would be an ingredient that you need to add to your list when you buy vitamin for hair growth. Biotin helps cell growth therefore, will help your hair grow faster and healthier. Also protein will help your hair grow fast too, this can be taken naturally from eggs, milk, meat etc.



  • Reduce the number of coloring sessions:


    Hair coloring can also damage your hair. Stay away from cheap, unknown products. Prefer new generation color dyes with moisturizing protection. Coloring your hair too often can damage and prevent your hair from growing faster.



  • Keep your hair clean:


    Oily scalp can stop your hair from growing faster you need to find the happy medium between keeping your hair clean but not over-washing. Over-washing your hair and damaging the oil balance can be harmful as much as dirty hair.


    Do not wear pony tail too often:

    Using rubber bands and pulling your hair tight can damage your hair and stop your hair from growing fast and healthy.



  • Stop smoking and reduce or quit caffeine:

    Well these are not only good for your hair, also will help you to be healthier.



  • Do not over brush your hair

    and NEVER use a bristled brush, as this will tear and damage your hair.



  • Be patient.

    Take care of your hair and you will see the results.

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