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How To Get Thicker Hair

How To Get Thicker Hair

Do you have thin, lacklustre hair but dream of thick, glossy hair? From what to eat to the best products, cuts and colour, Beaufox’s no-nonsense guide shows you how.

Aside from genetics, what causes thin hair?

Over-styling and over-colouring your hair

Heat-based styling products and bleach-laden colouring agents can strip your hair of all its strengthening fibres, leaving it weak. If you can bear to, take a break from colouring your hair and step away from the styling products. Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a thorough cleanse, too, and overnight masks and oils will help to nourish the hair.

Hormonal changes

Changes in health can have a direct impact on the thickness of your hair. Fluctuations in hormones - particularly an imbalanced thyroid - can not only impact skin and weight, but also hair. Many women experience a change in their hair consistency during pregnancy. If there has a been a really dramatic change in hair thickness in a short space of time, it’s worth seeking medical advice.


Stress and trauma can have a direct impact on hair growth. The term for shock-related hair loss is telogen effluvium - a physical response to the impact of stress on the body and mind. It isn’t usually long-term, but it can take up to six months to cure. The best way to counter this? Self-care. Plenty of sleep and a diet rich in B vitamins and packed with wholegrains, protein and dark, leafy greens will help to slow down the rate of hair loss.


How can you thicken hair with products?


Formulas in thickening shampoos are now very effective, and there are plenty to choose from. The best solutions offer nourishing treatment for the hair, while lifting excess oil and product from hair shafts to stop it from getting weighed down. Beaufox recommends the Aveda Invati range and Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo for Women.


Opt for a ceramic-barrel brush when blow-drying. And choose an ionic dryer that will blow out negative ions, leaving the hair smoothed and de-frizzed.


Introduce a root-lifter to your hair-styling regime. This will lift the hair further and give it a nicer fall across the face.


How can you make your hair thicker through your diet?


Look for a great hair-stimulating multivitamin. This should be packed with keratin, the amino-acid L-lysine, soya protein, iron and vitamins B12 and D3. All of these help to contribute to your hair’s thickness.

Food types

Keep to a simple, nourishing diet full of lean proteins, leafy greens, and carrots for vitamin A.


How can you cut your hair to make it look thicker?

Don’t let hair get too long - a blunt, relatively short cut will immediately give your hair the appearance of volume and thickness. Try a sweeping fringe to disguise any thinning. And be smart about colour. Avoid anything too one-dimensional - multiple tones in highlights or lowlights will give the hair depth and avoid it looking too thin.

Trichologist Anabel Kingsley says, “thickening, strengthening protein sprays can also be helpful. They immediately add volume to the hair, giving an instant boost. They also strengthen the hair over time, which helps to reduce hair fall as the result of breakage. While breakage is not true loss from the follicle, it can thin the appearance of the mid-lengths and ends.”

Percy & Reed founder and hair stylist Adam Reed adds, “Try not to rough dry the hair as this can take the life out of it before you have even started - towel-dry hair as best as possible and then dry the hair from damp to dry.”

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