FAQ & Help

Ordering and Shipping

Q1: When will you ship the goods and will the shipping be free?
Answer: Generally, we will ship the goods the next day after you place the order, we can ship to all countries in the world, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Asia are free shipping, other countries/regions There is a shipping fee of US$20-30, please place your order before payment, you will see the free shipping policy.

Q2: How long will it take for delivery?
Answer: It takes about 3-7 days for the United States and 5-10 days for other countries.

Q3: Is this 100% human hair?A: We promise 100% unprocessed virgin human hair, we have someone issue a verification certificate and you can do a firing test on it, you know the smell of synthetic and human hair is different.

Q4: Can I customize the wig cap?
Answer: The hat is a 22.5-inch medium size with an elastic band that can be adjusted. The hat is suitable for 90% of customers. No matter your head is big or small, it is not possible to customize the hair hat now.

Q5: Can I customize my hair color?
A: Yes, if you can provide pictures or color numbers, we can dye or bleach any color for you, but customized colors cannot be returned.

Q6: What types of payments do you accept?
Answer: Paypal, credit card, Klarna, Afterpay, Cash app Pay, Venmo, etc.

Q7: Are there any taxes?
A: Customs duties depend on your country's customs policy, we usually indicate a lower value on the invoice to avoid potential taxes. You can also tell us the value you wish to declare when placing your order.
Q8: What if the delivery of my order is delayed?
A: Under normal circumstances we will definitely deliver your order in time. Also, shipping delays may occur due to holidays, natural disasters, or carrier delays. Please remember that holidays do not count as working days and should be taken into account when calculating shipping time.

Hair Care And Use:

Q1: How many bundles do I need?
A: Generally, 3-4 bundles for the whole head are enough. If the length reaches 20 inches, I suggest you order 4 bundles. Alternatively, you can combine the closure or brow to create a complete head.

Q2: Can hair be dyed or bleached?
Answer: Yes. Hair can be dyed and bleached. We highly recommend having your hair extensions dyed by your hairdresser as you will get the results you want. Or we can dye or bleach any color for you, please contact us if you need

Q3: Does your hair smell bad?
Answer: Guaranteed no chemical smell. Our hair is 100% chemical free. We not only care about beauty, but also care about the health of our customers! But we wash the hair at the same time during the production process, so there may be a little shampoo smell.

Q4: Will the hair fall out or get tangled?
A: Shedding: It is normal for the first few strands of new hair to fall out. We always advise our customers to seal the wefts and comb them with a wide tooth comb before installation. Excessive shedding can be caused by broken weft or dryness. If you cut the weft during installation, be sure to seal the ends and keep them moist.

Tangle-Free: No tangles because of our triple tight new technology. However, dryness, oil and dirt buildup, salt water, or not brushing daily can cause tangles and shedding. Follow hair care instructions and use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, and wash your hair twice a week.
Q5: Are your comments true?
Answer: Yes, all comments and feedback are real, we have many comments on tiktok, youtube, instagram, facebook. Many customers test on Beaufox hair and watch videos on social media, in fact we usually ship new hair for free to customers or influencers who have ordered before, if you order hair at Beaufox hair store, you have a chance to get it in the future Free new hair.