Lay & Slay Your Lace Front Wig or Frontal beaufox hair

Lay & Slay Your Lace Front Wig or Frontal

Lay & Slay Your Lace Front Wig or Frontal

Have you ever seen someone wearing a frontal or lace front wig, but had no clue until they revealed that they were? Well, we got the scoop on how to achieve that same look!

The Meltdown Method

This is one of the newest techniques of getting your lace front wig or lace frontal to look so natural that you can snap a pic and add the hashtag or caption “What Frontal”.

This technique is called “Meltdown Method” and should be done with several precautions taken.

What is a Lace Front Wig or Frontal?

Lace Front Wigs — is a small sheer lace panel along the front hairline attached to the frontal of the wig. The hair strands are hand sewn into the holes of the lace.

Wearing lace front wigs is very simple because they are stretchy and cover the entire scalp area and gives the appearance of a natural hairline.

Lace Frontals — are similar to a lace wig, but this hairpiece only covers the front of the head from ear to ear. Wearing a frontal hairpiece will protect your hairline from becoming damaged and provide maximum versatility when it comes to styling hair extensions.

This piece gives the appearance of a natural hairline as well. Lace frontals are also used to create a wig along with 3 bundles or 4 bundles of hair.


This process can not be done if there are scabs or any irritation along your hairline. Before you begin the meltdown method your hairline must be cleaned with a cotton ball and alcohol.

With this technique, an electric hot comb is required to complete the process. Make sure that you do not allow your hot comb to become extremely hot. Your hot comb should be set to medium and not above. If the hot comb temperature is set any higher there is a possibility you may damage your scalp.

This hot comb can be purchased from Amazon 

Meltdown Method

1. Pull your freshly shampooed hair down into a bun or braid it up.

2. Gel your edges down or use edge control.

3. Put on a nude color wig cap a little forward pass your hairline.

4. Use the Got 2 B Freeze Spray along the entire perimeter of the hairline.

5. Spray one layer and use your blow dryer to dry it completely.

6. Spray the second layer and dry it with the blow dryer completely.

7. Once it is dry, cut off the band of the wig cap.

8. Spray another layer of Got 2 B freeze spray to lay down the cap smoothly.

9. Use a foundation that blends with your skin around the perimeter of the wig cap and your hairline.

10. Use a cotton ball and alcohol to clean up your hairline by removing any excess foundation.

11. Apply your Bold Hold creme and allow it to dry.

12. Take your time and apply your lace in sections to make sure it smooths down well.

13. I suggest applying your second layer of Bold Hold creme in sections to make it easier to smooth your lace down.

14. Use a popsicle stick to smooth the lace down because the glue gets tacky.

15. Go over your edges again with gel or edge control to make sure they are smooth.

16. Add foundation to your part to blend it with your forehead.

This is not required if you have already bleached the knots in your lace front wig or frontal.

17. Use your hot comb (the electric one is fine) to melt the lace down and make it look smooth

Be extra careful when doing this. Take your time to prevent burning your skin.

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