How to care of your human hair waves or wigs beaufox hair

How to care of your human hair waves or wigs

How to care of your human hair waves or wigs

You have decided on professional hair extensions or thickening – and made the right choice.

To ensure you will be able to enjoy your extensions or wigs as long as possible, we recommend keeping the appointments scheduled with your hairdresser. If you have additional questions or requests, your hairdresser will be glad to assist you. Proper hair care is important to enjoy your hair for a long time.

Please read the following care instructions and follow them in your daily care! It’s worth it!

Washing Hair

Wash your hair very thoroughly, preferably twice a week with shampoo and hair conditioner. When doing so, be sure to be as gentle on the bonds as possible! We therefore recommend never washing your hair with your head down but instead keep your head up. This is easiest in the shower or at your salon. Please remember, hair care products must be used for warranty purposes.

Drying Hair

Squeeze your hair, do not rub. Then properly arrange the damp strands and carefully brush with the Great Lengths brush. When blow-drying, start at the root and the bonds, then the shaft and tips. We also recommend slightly drying the bonds when allowing your hair to air dry.

Brushing and Combing Hair

To ensure gentle brushing and combing, we recommend arranging your hair daily. To do so, place your fingers between the fusion and the scalp and run through your hair from roots down. Please, never brush your hair completely wet, only whilst damp or semi-dry! Wavy hair should only be brushed after washing, since the curls may become frizzy from frequent brushing. Use a hair pick or your fingers for your morning hair routine. Slightly dampen the genuine hair strands and scrunch up curls. Straight hair should be combed thoroughly morning and night. When doing so, hold on to the genuine hair strands at the root and brush carefully, without tugging, from the tips to the root.

Take good care of your hair, it will last longer.

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